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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose COM  PT for my pelvic health needs?

Great Question! Let me give you a couple of reasons. First---we accept insurance! We are in network with BCBS, Aetna, UHC, Medicare, and many other major insurance carriers. We have a billing department that will work with you/contact your insurance carrier and determine your individual/specific Physical Therapy Benefits. Just because you have a deductible does not mean that your PT visits will not be covered (ie not all BCBS plans are the same). If we are NOT in network with your insurance company, our cash rate is very affordable and we can  work on payment plans as needed. 


Second---Amanda is the ONLY Board/Specialty Certified Pelvic PT in the Midland/Odessa area! Check out her about me page for her experience, qualifications, and training!


Third---One benefit of being a patient at COM-PT is that you are allowed FREE use of the Gym AND Therapy Pool (with PT discretion). This can aid in a faster recovery as you are able to utilize this space OUTSIDE of PT sessions!


If you are interested in concierge or home-based Pelvic PT, Amanda can reach out to other local practitioners and aid in getting you connected with them for therapy!

What Type of patients do you treat?

Amanda has worked with a VARIETY of patients/in different settings over the past decade. She has experience treating MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN of all ages and a wide range of pelvic diagnoses. Please visit our common conditions treated page for more information. Don't see your specific diagnoses on that list? Email Amanda so she can aid in finding you a qualified practitioner! 

Do I need a referral to come see you?

No! Texas is a "Direct Access" State. You are allowed to see a Physical Therapist for 10 days with no prescription/referral. HOWEVER---to continue to be seen past the 10 days, a provider will need to sign-off on the PT evaluation. Our team has experience working with many medical practitioners in the area and can aid in this process. PLUS---being in contact with your PCP, OB/GYN, Urologist, Midwife, Pediatrician, etc. assists in improving your overall condition and medical collaboration. 

How are you going to assess my pelvic floor muscles?

Depending on your age and gender---the pelvic floor assessment may look very different!

Typically there is NO internal evaluation for children and assessment includes visualization or palpation. For specifics on pediatric pelvic assessment check out this link that goes into more detail.


For an adult female patient, the pelvic floor is assessed visually and with palpation (internal, external, or both). Not every female patient requires an internal assessment (such as during pregnancy, <6 wks after surgery, as well as other exceptions). Check out what to expect for first female pelvic visit here! 


For an adult male patient the pelvic floor is assessed visually and with palpation (internal, external, or both). Again---not every male patient requires an internal assessment (recent surgery, radiated tissues, etc). Check out what to expect for first male pelvic visit here!


Keep in mind that it is best to get as much information/contributing factors to your complaints so we can determine the quickest and best path to full recovery of your complaints!

How long are treatment session? How long will I be coming to pelvic PT?

Treatment sessions are around an hour long. Some patients require less time and some a little more. Our pelvic PTs will discuss this at the end of your PT evaluation.


Typically, Amanda and Leslie see patients once/week. Some patients require a little more/less sessions per week and again our PTs will discuss this during your PT Evaluation.


Duration of Pelvic PT visits is highly variable and individualized to each patient. Some patients require ONLY one visit! However it does take time to increase strength so keep this in mind! Amanda and Leslie's goal is to get you better in as quick of time as is safe and effective in resolution of your symptoms. She will communicate a time guestimate during your Pelvic PT Evaluation. 

I'm Pregnant, can I still come to Pelvic PT?

Absolutely! Pelvic PT can aid in reducing discomfort or other issues that are common during pregnancy! As you get closer to delivery, Pelvic PT can also address labor and birth preparation such as training on birthing positions to reduce adverse outcomes, push prep/education, perineal preparation to reduce likelihood of tearing during birth, training on C-section scar tissue management, and education/training on post-partum Pelvic PT services (pain management, resolution of abdominal muscle separation, treatment of incontinence, and much more)!

I have my period. Can I still come to pelvic PT?

Yes! Menstruation does not affect pelvic floor assessment or treatment. However, if you prefer to wait until you are off of your cycle, please let the physical therapist know. 

My child has been referred to Pelvic PT. How do you assess their pelvic floor?

Great question! Check out our page on pediatric pelvic evaluation to find out what the first visit will be like and how Amanda assesses pelvic floor dysfunction in kiddos. Amanda has developed and expanded Pediatric Pelvic PT services in 3 different clinics and 2 different states and has extensive experience working with kiddos who have pelvic dysfunction (including working at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX). She has also assisted in teaching Pediatric Pelvic Dysfunction Courses through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute on multiple occasions. 


At COM, we have many tools at our disposal to assist in treating this kiddos including a PEDIATRIC GYM as well as the latest ANIMATED biofeedback machine!

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