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FREE Prenatal Aquatic Exercise Class

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Being both Pelvic Physical Therapists and Mothers (Amanda-3, Leslie-2) we understand the importance of pelvic girdle and core specific exercise during the prenatal period! Pregnant women can often have aches and pains associated with our bodies changing and growing a baby. Thankfully, exercising your core and pelvic girdle in an aquatic setting can lead to better post-birth outcomes while also reducing these "normal" pregnancy aches and pains.


The Pelvic PTs and COM Aquatics strive to serve the community especially the underserved pregnant moms of Midland/Odessa! We developed this class to allow affordable access  to core and pelvic girdle strengthening in a comfortable environment for all pregnant mom's of Midland and Odessa! 

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Thursdays from 9:30-10:15am

Located at COM's Leisure Pool

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Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

  • Reduces compression on the bones and joints

  • Decreases swelling and enhances blood circulation

  • Helps with reducing pain, anxiety, tension, and stress

  • Allows for positioning that would normally be uncomfortable during pregnancy


Psychological Health

  • Reduce Stress

  • Decrease Psychological Distress

  • Decrease Depression

  • Decrease Anxiety 

Physical Health

  • Reduces Back Pain

  • Reduces Pelvic Pain

  • Reduces Fatigue

  • Reduces Swelling Related Pain

  • Positive Effects on Sleep

Exercising one time per week in water can reduce back pain up to 50% compared to land based exercise. 

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