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Why Us?

Providing EXCLUSIVE Pelvic Physical Therapy Services to Midland and Odessa


FREE use of Therapy Pool

 One of our goals is to empower patients to safely be active while under our care hence why we offer FREE access to our GYM and Therapy Pool while a patient at COM-Physical Therapy. 

Our Therapy Pool can be utilized outside of Physical Therapy during specified hours Monday-Friday and Saturday.* The therapeutic nature of water and the soothing therapeutic temperature of 92 degrees--aids in reducing the normal aches and pains associated with physical activity.  

Our Therapy Pool also has several other unique features such as underwater treadmills, underwater bicycles, a deep water section as well as numerous exercise equipment to aid in aquatic therapeutic exercise performance.

FREE use of Gym

Another goal of COM is to serve our community's needs. We understand the importance of affordable care and access to equipment hence why, in addition to FREE use of our Therapy Pool, we offer FREE use of our Gym while a patient at COM's Physical Therapy. 


Insurance Accepted and Affordable Cash Rate

We are in network with all major insurance carriers including Medicare. If you have specific questions regarding insurance coverage, deductibles, or cost per visit--please have your insurance information ready and contact our billing department for clarification.

If you don't have insurance or are self-pay we have good news! Our cash rate is affordable costing $150* for an evaluation and $113-150* for follow-up sessions.


Altered-G Treadmill

This type of treadmill is also known as an Anti-Gravity Treadmill and was originally developed by NASA. AlteredG uses unweighting technology to help reduce stress and strain on the lower body/pelvis during walking or running. In relation to pelvic health (and specifically post-partum) this allows new moms to return to running earlier while still protecting their healing pelvic floor muscles!
AlteredG can also be utilized in other patients who have joint pain or stiffness allowing them to walk or run with reduced stress on bones, joints, and muscles. 


Rehabilitative Ultrasound Machine

Research has shown that motor control of the deep core muscles of the trunk/pelvis is a primary impairment in patients with low back pain (compared to strength or functional capacity). The use of ultrasound imaging to observe this motor control is a valuable tool specifically when analyzing the deep core/pelvic muscles as they are not readily observable.


Another benefit of rehabilitative ultrasound imaging is its use in post-partum patients with an abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti). Research has shown that "finger measurements" of ab separation are consistently inaccurate. Use of ultrasound imaging gives an quantitative and consistent measurement allowing PT to better guide rehabilitation after birth.

In the male pelvic population, ultrasound imaging is imperative to insure correct activation from anterior pelvic muscles---necessary in reducing incontinence after prostatectomy. 


Biofeedback is a helpful tool often used in Pelvic Physical Therapy. We have 2 different biofeedback machines---including the latest from Prometheus Comany: EMYO 200 which allows you to retrain your pelvic girdle musculature utilizing an engaging "game" interface!


Modalities and Many More!

Modalities can play an important role in Pelvic Physical Therapy often providing pain relief, reducing severity of urgency symptoms, and aiding in improving pelvic floor muscle strength. Below is a list of some of the modalities we have access to at COM Physical Therapy. 

  • Hot Pack

  • TENS Machine

  • E-Stim

  • Dry Needling

  • Traction

  • Ultrasound (therapeutic and rehabilitative)

  • Kinesiotape

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