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Pelvic PT for ME: 

Storybook Explanation of Pelvic Physical Therapy for Children
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Parents, referring physicians, and other medical providers wondering exactly what PELVIC Physical Therapy for children is like—look no further! In Pelvic PT for ME: Storybook Explanation of Pelvic Physical Therapy for Children, Dr. Amanda Moe explains the basics all in a rhyming, child-friendly format.

This book introduces the collaborative nature in resolving your child’s potty or pelvic troubles and describes how Pediatric Pelvic PT often works closely with gastroenterologists, urologists, pediatricians, or other providers to remedy your child’s complaints.


Pelvic PT for ME encourages parents to refuse the notion that potty troubles “go away with age” and empowers children to be active participants in their PT experience. Enjoy this comprehensive yet simple storybook explanation of Pediatric Pelvic Physical Therapy!


Book Features

Common Conditions Treated

Discusses typical conditions that are treated in Pelvic PT such as pee leaks, poo problems (constipation, poo leaks/smears), nighttime bedwetting, pelvic pain, and many others.

Pelvic Floor Muscles  during Peeing or Pooping

Pelvic floor muscle anatomy, functioning, and dysfunction—as they relate to potty troubles—are discussed through use of child-friendly images to enhance not only child but also parent and medical provider understanding.

Child-Friendly Anatomy Illustrations

Age-appropriate anatomical illustrations of muscles and organs in the pelvic girdle are utilized throughout the book to aid in explaining bowel, bladder, and pelvic functioning!

Common Treatment Interventions

The  Pediatric Pelvic Physical Therapy evaluation as well as typical treatment interventions are discussed and illustrated to make both children and parents excited to seek treatment!

This kid-friendly, engaging, and honest book explains well what Pelvic PT is and how it can make a huge difference. Two thumbs up!

Dr. Bruno Chumpitazi Director of Neurogastroenterology and Motility

Texas Children's Hospital

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